What are SolarScapes?

SolarScapes are the solution to the most demanding solar design and installation problems.

Building on the design that won Dwell on Design's Best Energy Product in 2012, SolarScapes are modular, pre-fabricated solar structure solutions that are infinitely configurable to meet the needs of any project. 


  • Solar Patio Cover
  • Solar Carport
  • Solar EV Charging Station
  • Solar Covered Walkway
  • Solar Covered Picnic Area
  • Solar Bus Stop
  • More...





Simply provide a few pieces of information about your project and Lumos takes care of the rest. We will provide...

  • Fully Fabricated Structure
  • LSX Frameless Solar module system
  • Mounting Components and Hardware
  • Engineering/Structural Wet Stamped Permit Package Included

Why SolarScapes?

  • Overhead solar applications do not require a Class A Fire Rating
  • Infinite Powder Coated Color options
  • High Wind, Snow and Seismic Load Capacity
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Extremely Easy and Fast Installation Time

Patio Cover

EV Carport

Patio Cover

Gathering/Picnic Area

SolarScapes Spec Sheet

Click on the images below to download the selected spec sheets.

Solar Scapes Spec Sheet

SolarScapes Spec Sheet


  • Fully Cantilevered, T Support, V Support, or Dual Post options available
  • Fixed 7.5 degree tilt
  • LSX Module System
  • Site specific foundation design
  • Higher capacity wind, snow and seismic options*
  • Weatherproof

*Site specific details dictate the maximum capacity options available

SolarScapes Components Spec Sheets

LSX  Spec Sheet

LSX Spec Sheet

LSX  Rail 1.1 Spec Sheet

LSX Rail 1.1 Spec Sheet

LSX Frameless Module System

  • Frameless Module
  • Unique Through-Bolt Mounting
  • Integrated Wireway
  • Low-Profile Design